More Than 400 Individuals, Including Seniors, Learn Benefits of Telehealth at Marsiling Health Carnival

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) has been growing rampantly globally, with more than 300,000 people in Singapore alone suffering from the disease. This number could be much larger as many remain undiagnosed due to the silent symptoms of CKD in its early stages. About six patients are diagnosed with kidney failure every day – a number that has grown three-fold since two decades ago.

As we continue to go digital in Singapore, the Marsiling Health Carnival held today served as a valuable platform for kidney failure patients and their caregivers as well as Marsiling residents to learn more about telehealth and its benefits.

The event also aimed to educate attendees on utilising medical innovations and services effectively while providing an opportunity for the public to learn about CKD prevention and engage in interactive booth activities. The Health Carnival was a joint effort by NKF, the People’s Association (PA), and other organisations including 1doc, Eurofins, MSD Singapore, RSVP Singapore and SG Digital Office.

Senior Minister of State for Defence and Manpower, and Adviser for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC GROs (Marsiling) Mr Zaqy Mohamad graced the occasion as the Guest-of-Honour, overseeing the festivities and engaging with members of the community, further reinforcing the importance of disease prevention.

“Singapore is facing the challenge of an ageing population and longer life expectancies, while at the same time, there are technological advancements that help us manage these demographic trends better. With these advancements, we can age more comfortably in place, and for many, that also means living life more productively compared to our forefathers. With healthcare being accessible in Singapore, many will benefit from our health system and programmes such as Healthier SG.

But we must still ensure that no one, particularly the vulnerable and those living alone, is left behind. Hence, it is heartening to see the private and public sectors come together to engage the community on the importance of early health screening and how health technology can not only improve lives but enhance chronic disease management. We want to alleviate the burden on the patients, their caregivers and family members.

Everyone, including the non-profits, healthcare providers, corporates and individuals, can play a part and work hand in hand with the Government to build a healthier Singapore. We will continue to facilitate and ramp up coordinated efforts to focus on preventive care in the community,” said Mr Zaqy Mohamad.

Kidney Screenings and Educational Talks

One of the main goals for this community initiative is to advocate for regular kidney screenings which is crucial to allow for timely intervention so that individuals may receive necessary guidance for prevention and management of CKD.

In addition to complimentary kidney screenings, the 1doc medical team organised enlightening talks delivered by two of their doctors. One of the sessions, titled “Kidney Wellness: Fostering Awareness and Preventing Chronic Kidney Disease,” aimed to engage the general public in an insightful conversation about kidney health and the imperative role of preventive measures in combating CKD.

The second talk, titled “Navigating the Intricate Interplay of Kidney Failure, COVID-19, and Caregiver Fatigue,” was specifically tailored to address the concerns of patients and caregivers. This enlightening session delved into the intricate dynamics that arise when a patient or their dedicated caregivers themselves face the challenge of contracting COVID-19. By shedding light on this critical topic, the talk aimed to provide useful insights and guidance to those navigating the complex intersection of kidney failure, the ongoing pandemic, and the overwhelming burden of caregiver fatigue.

The doctors also delved into the utilisation of the 1doc platform for addressing diverse healthcare needs. Recognising the potential challenges of adopting new practices, the doctors provided first-hand insights and experiences that proved to be effective in showcasing the benefits and ease of integrating the 1doc platform into individuals’ health care routines.

Dr Eugene Loke, 1doc Medical Director, Family Physician, said, “Chronic disease management is paramount in maintaining optimal health, particularly for conditions like Chronic Kidney Disease. In this digital era, telehealth plays a pivotal role in enabling patients to effectively communicate and consult with their doctors for ongoing chronic disease management. The 1doc app’s integrated platform offers patients the convenience of teleconsultations, allowing them to connect with our dedicated healthcare professionals and monitor their health in real-time.

Through teleconsultations, we can provide timely intervention, addressing concerns and providing guidance to prevent the progression of chronic diseases. This proactive approach empowers patients to take control of their health, enabling early detection and intervention, thereby minimising the long-term impact of chronic conditions.

At 1doc, we believe that telehealth is revolutionising healthcare delivery, offering patients a seamless and accessible means of engaging with their healthcare providers. With our integrated platform, patients can conveniently consult with our doctors, access educational resources, and monitor their health parameters from the comfort of their homes. Together, we can proactively manage chronic diseases, promote wellness, and improve patient outcomes.”

Tapping into community outreach

By fostering community engagement and raising awareness, the Marsiling Health Carnival hopes to create an empowering environment that will inspire individuals to take proactive measures towards safeguarding their well-being, ultimately leading to a healthier Singapore.
There are plans to organise more of such community-based health carnivals in the months ahead.

“This health carnival is a good opportunity for us to raise greater awareness of kidney health in the community. Not only can residents and high-risk groups like family members of dialysis patients have their kidneys screened for free, they also have the chance to understand more about our kidneys and how to protect them from chronic diseases which can lead to kidney failure.

With the ever-increasing rates of kidney failure cases sweeping the nation, this is part of NKF’s efforts in preventive care. That said, we cannot do it alone – support from the community, partners and supporters is crucial in stemming the tide of an impending kidney tsunami,” shared Mr Arthur Lang, Chairman of The National Kidney Foundation.

Images: People’s Association and The National Kidney Foundation

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