New Fitness Studios & Health Therapy in Singapore

As Singaporeans become increasingly health conscious, there are also new fitness studios opening to meet the growing demands. Here are a couple of notable studios that are newly opened in Singapore for those who want to try something new.

The Ripple Club with Fairmont Singapore

Aqua Spin Pte Ltd and Fairmont Singapore has just launched the boutique studio “The Ripple Club” at its latest location within the urban luxury hotel to offer aquatic fitness classes.

Singapore’s leading provider of revolutionary aquatic fitness services expands its portfolio of studios to include the centrally located Fairmont Singapore. Collaborating with the award- winning property, The Ripple Club will offer energising and fun aqua fitness classes to hotel guests, gym members and members of the public.

Using specialised aquatic fitness equipment, The Ripple Club provides high-intensity, low impact fitness classes, ranging from its Ripple Ride classes, (cardio based aqua cycling classes), Ripple Circuit (strength-based circuit training, using aqua resistance equipment) and the launch of its new program, Ripple Box (an innovative kick boxing program, using aquatic boxing gloves). Each program is designed to provide an exhilarating, high calorie burn class, without adding strain to bones and joints.

Founded in 2012, Aqua Spin Pte Ltd (The Ripple Club) has established itself as one of the world’s revered fitness studios, with multiple locations in Singapore. The Ripple Club will provide exemplary high quality fitness services for hotel guests at Fairmont Singapore, further enhancing the property’s wellness offerings.

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Yoga Movement in Serangoon Gardens

The much loved, homegrown boutique lifestyle brand, Yoga Movement, has officially opened in Serangoon Gardens, nestled right next door to the renowned Chomp Chomp Food Centre and a stone’s throw from a wide selection of cafes and restaurants. Similar to the recent opening of the Novena Pod Concept studio, the Serangoon Gardens studio will offer a single practice room and a spacious unisex shower and changing facility. With about 50 classes a week to choose from, this location will be part of a vibrant community hub for residents in the vicinity.

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Water Vapour Therapy at PanAsia Surgery

PanAsia Surgery has just introduced this Water Vapour Therapy treatment for Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), which is an enlarged prostate. It’s a non-cancerous condition but the overgrowth of prostate tissue pushes against the urethra and bladder, blocking the flow of urine.

Water Vapour Therapy is a natural treatment alternative to surgery. It is a sort, in-office procedure which uses the natural energy stored in a few drops of water to shrink the prostate, allowing urine to flow freely. No incisions, no more BPH medication (and their side effects), relief of symptoms safely that lasts without any permanent implants. Most patients are able to return to regular activities within a few days of the procedure, and it also preserves sexual function.

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Stroke Rehabilitation with icone

With the aging population and incidence of age-related diseases growing, in particularly stroke, the demand in rehabilitation treatments will rise.

Several scientific studies over the past two decades demonstrated that intensive neurorehabilitation is effective even years after the injury, e.g. a stroke. Regaining complete limb function often involves a long period of intensive, personalised neuro-rehabilitation.

Special interactive medical robots can effectively support intensive neurorehabilitation. Until now, such advanced devices were only available in leading hospitals and preeminent rehabilitation centres, and thus often limited to acute or sub-acute stroke patients. Heaxel revolutionised the field of neurorehabilitation with icone®.

Delivering personalised neuro-rehab is a challenge for healthcare providers particularly in this current pandemic climate. The icone® project aims to address this need with the first portable rehabilitation robot. Improving access to robotic systems is a crucial factor in reducing stroke-related disability.

Discharged chronic patients are sometimes offered video games to play that aim to retrain the brain to gain control of their limb movements, but this is less effective. icone® is a robotic solution that has meshed the usability of these games with the efficacy of robotics, to provide a technology to be used in and outside the hospital. The robotic rehabilitation system requires patients to manipulate a lever according to instructions displayed on a screen in front of them. The physiotherapist is able to set up the haptic characteristics of the lever according to the patient’s needs.

The icone® has a high-level user interface, developed in cooperation with clinicians, that allows the therapists to enter all the parameters to customise the therapy. The duration, intensity, repetitions, assistance, resistance – all the parameters that normally require a programmer to be tuned are accessible from the touchscreen.

While the machine could be installed in homes, patients are more likely to encounter it in environments such as care homes and community centres. All icone® robots are connected to the internet, allowing therapists to observe patient progress and remotely adjust the settings and therapy plans as needed.

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Freedom Gym in UIC Shenton

Founded by James Koh and Alex Liu Chang, Freedom Gym is right in the heart of Singapore’s CBD at UIC Shenton. The fitness playground plants to liberate fitness where memberships are designed to give control – or, as they’d like to say, freedom – back to who and what matters: freelance personal trainers, their clients and their fitness journeys.

The 6,000 sq ft space officially opens on 12 Dec 2021 with the top of the line equipment. The freelance personal trainers are vetted by the Freedom team and will be listed on the website (open to the public) and the E-membership app (for members only).

Trainers have the option to pay by the hour or buy a package, ranging from S$20 to S$30 per hour, with no additional commission to Freedom. Their clients can access the gym without a membership, paying their personal trainers directly for their services. Gym members can also tap into the range of trainers by paying them directly for their services.

Freedom has also collaborated with Wafuken, a sous vide-themed restaurant in Central Singapore. Members will be able to submit their orders via a form at the reception area at any time during their workout and receive their order after their session.

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Images: The Ripple Club, Yoga Movement, Envato and Freedom Gym

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