What Do Women Want? With Angela Hou

In the latest episode of “What Do Women Want?”, we speak to Angela Hou who is Taiwanese by birth but is currently living in Singapore. As her father was a diplomat and her mother is a businesswoman, Angela was allowed to explore the world the meet people from different walks of life. Since young, she knew that she was going to run her own company; however, running a business is never easy and is usually a very lonely journey.

Nonetheless, her mission in life is to inspire more people and bring love, joy and happiness to those around her. I spoke to her to find out more about her entrepreneurial journey, the hurdles she faced and how she overcame them. She opened up about how her divorce led her to bring “the Angela” back and she shared how her journey of self-discovery helped her realise what it was that she really wanted in life.


We would like to thank Angela for being so candid and for being part of this series!

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