What Do Women Want? With Christine Looi

I’m starting a new series within Melissa’s Table Top Talk in order to explore some general topics that are still on the top of most of our minds. This week, I speak to Christine Looi who is the co-founder of Nuren Secret Club, a community for women to share ideas as well as be a support system for fellow females.

Christine shared her personal struggles of how getting retrenched while getting a divorce and having to finance a new flat has led her on this journey of self-discovery and that our wants will evolve according to the stage of life that we’re in. Do check out the full interview below to find out more about her personal struggles, how she overcame them and the reason behind Nuren Secret Club.


We would like to wish Christine a Happy Birthday!! And a BIG thank you for taking part in this interview.

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If you’d like to find out more about Christine and the Nuren Secret Club, head on over to their website www.nurensc.com.

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