Singapore Crowns Its Next Miss Top of the World Plus Size

Last Tuesday saw the crowning of the next Miss Top of the World Plus Size Singapore, held at Spagtacular in Clarke Quay. The new Miss Top of the World Plus Size Singapore is Miss Dashnalatha, a full-time Financial Consultant, who was crowned on the night by Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2017. The coronation saw past queens of Miss & Mrs Top of the World Plus Size and was also a gathering of women celebrating body positivity. We got the chance to interview the 26-year-old to find out more about the woman behind the beauty queen.

(From left to right) Miss Priscilla Boh (Miss Top of the World Plus Size Singapore 2017), Miss Jodel Padao Mesina (Miss/ Mrs Top of the World Plus Size 2017) and Miss Dashnalatha (Miss Top of the World Plus Size Singapore 2019)


Q: Congrats on winning Miss Top of the World Plus Size Singapore! How does it feel to have won the title and to represent Singapore?

Thank you! I’m absolutely elated to have won the title! Being able to represent Singapore is such an honour and I couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to showcase a different form of beauty.

Q: What inspired you to join Miss Top of the World Plus Size?

Since participating in the local beauty pageant, Miss V Supreme, I’ve been looking for different avenues to try and make a difference in society’s perception of beauty. I feel like Miss Top of the World Plus Size is a good way for me to raise awareness on different versions of beauty.

Q: What does winning the title mean to you?

To me winning this title has been a reassurance that I am good enough. That I am beautiful regardless of my size. It has given me more confidence in pursuing my goal of empowering people.


Q: Any plans after the competition?

I hope to participate more in the development and improvement of society’s mindset. I wish to do this through talks and local campaigns to help and motivate people to accept themselves and be kinder to each other.

Q: How are you working with schools and teachers with regard to body image?

Recently I was engaged by a secondary school to give a talk to teachers about cultivating positive body image among students. This is important because I feel that with the current internet culture, teens are at the most vulnerable, and thus, it is important for teachers to be educating them on self-acceptance. I wish to work with students as well in the future.

Q: What does body positivity mean to you?

Body positivity means being able to understand that our bodies are all going to be different and there is no point trying to achieve one type of body. We are all beautiful regardless of shape or size. Unfortunately, the majority have one type of image in mind when it comes to beauty. This needs to stop in order for us to be body positive.

A bevy of beauty queens with Miss Dashnalatha in the middle


Q: Could you tell us a little bit about your struggles with body confidence and how you managed to pull through?

Growing up, I could never feel beautiful because I was constantly reminded by my peers and teachers that I was too fat. It made me feel worthless for a long time. Eventually, I decided that enough is enough because I could never please everyone. The only person I wanted to please was myself. I am so much more than just my size. I realised that I can be a useful member of society if I threw away this idea in my head that I can’t do anything because I’m overweight. Since then it has been a fulfilling journey and I don’t wish to stop here.

Q: Any advice for those who are currently struggling with body image?

Yes! It would be to stop listening to what others have to say about your body. It is yours. You decide how you want it to be. Do whatever makes you happy. No one should have a say in how you live your life. Don’t question yourself too much. I’ve already realised that there is no way to please everyone in this world. Don’t make the same mistakes I made. This is exactly what I would have told my younger self.


We wish Dashna all the best for the upcoming finals in Ukraine and may she make Singapore proud!

Photos: Dashna and Miss Top of the World Plus Size Singapore 2019


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