Beauty Hacks that Will Make You Feel Better Instantly

With our busy lifestyles, it is hard to look good 24/7 but no worries, we’ve got some great hacks that can help you feel less glum and more glam!

Bye bye greasy hair


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Many girls have naturally greasy hair that needs to be washed almost every day. Since this is not an easy task to accomplish with maximum efficiency, it’s not that rare that we wake up with greasy roots and without enough time to wash our hair. The baby powder comes to the rescue! Any powdery substance will do the trick, but baby powder is cheap and easily available in stores. By rubbing just a scrunch of baby powder between your fingerprints and down to your roots, this will help absorb the oil and add a bit of volume, making your hair look as if you just got back from the hairdresser. Besides baby powder, you can also get a travel-sized dry shampoo and pop this in your bag for those days where you really need a hair pick-me-up.

Cover your grey hairs with fill-in colour powder 

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Besides grease, other hateful enemies of aging ladies are grey hairs. They grow constantly, and sometimes, it seems as if your scalp became grey the minute you get out of the salon. Instead of rushing to make an appointment for a root touch-up every couple of days, try saving money by using fill-in colour powders which help disguise your grey hairs until you have time for a full colouring appointment. It’s also good to have fill-in powder in case of bald patches or hair loss. 

Grant yourself a DIY facial treatment

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The one part of our body that catches the eye first is our face, which is why we should do everything we can to prevent any facial issues. A full facial treatment is fairly expensive, but with some DIY tricks, you can do it on your own. First, you need to wash your face thoroughly with micellar water so that you get all the layers of dirt off. Next, use carefully chosen skincare products and tools to help you get rid of leftover dirt patches. You can use a blackhead remover and a facial roller alternately, while you can also make those stubborn dark circles around your eyes disappear with an ionic eye massager pen. Don’t forget to moisturise in the end to help your skin stay hydrated and recover more quickly. 

Make your eyes pop 

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The eyes are the portals to the soul, and you wish for them to be as open to the world as possible. One crafty way to make this happen is by lighting up your eye corners with just a dab of shiny loose powder. You will see the instant effects of this fake wide-eyed trick. Another way to make your eyes pop even more is to use your mascara wisely, which means cleaning the brush and getting rid of all the clumps. Use an old toothbrush to get all the clumps out down to the smallest one.

Use all the wonders a concealer can bring


Concealers offer a lot of freedom if your goal is to avoid a heavy foundation. Although they can’t make your face colour even, they surely can do wonders once a color that matches your skin has been carefully chosen. The classical way to use a concealer is to cover only imperfections like pimples and dark eye circles, but they have much more power. You can use a concealer as foundation for your eye shadow and lipstick, making them both last a whole lot longer. Another way to use a concealer is to emphasise any aspect of your facial features, for example, you can place it around the corners and base of your lips to make them look plumper, or highlight just underneath your cheekbones for a slimmer-looking face.

And there you have it – five easy ways to feel more beautiful in an instant. Although these easy fixes work very well, keep in mind that a regular beauty routine is what makes a woman ready to conquer the world.


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