Fitness Couples Compete In Fitness 360


Singapore’s first ever mixed gender fitness competition “Fitness 360 Couples Challenge” is slated to have their Grand Finals happening this coming Friday, 4th November.

Organised by 6Productions and supported by The Wellness Insider, Fitness 360 is a brand new concept and the first-of-its-kind in Singapore where both males and females compete together on a level playing field, which is almost unheard of especially in the Fitness Industry. Males and Females are then paired up to form a couple and compete together in a series of challenges.

This new concept goes above and beyond the norms of a fitness competition, where a journey was created for the contestants to achieve their fitness goals by not only training them in the gym but also creating different exciting lifestyle activities to teach them that being fit and healthy can also be fun!

The intention behind this challenge was to create The Ultimate Fitness Experience for our contestants by motivating them and showing them the difference between being fit and being healthy. Throughout the challenge, contestants were given a complete and holistic view on fitness which encompasses more than just exercise or trainings and instead, teach them the concept of being healthy, which is more sustainable for them in their day to day activities.



Apart from making our contestants undergo vigorous training throughout the week, to bring a bit of excitement and the lifestyle element to our competition, the organisers created a series of mini events in which the contestants went head-to-head for their subsidiary titles and to see who will prevail.

We cordially invite you to come witness this show-stopping event as Our Fitness 360 Couples battle it out on stage on 4th November at Zouk Singapore for the coveted title of The Best Couple!

To purchase tickets, do use the promo code WELLIN at the registration site Each ticket is S$43 and includes entry to the after-party and 1 complimentary drink.

Photo credits: 6Productions

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