Beat The Heat With These Refreshing Summer Essentials

We’ve read about the heatwave that’s hitting many cities and countries globally and here in Singapore, it looks like this warm and dry weather is here to stay and while we can’t control the weather, there are some summer essentials we can reach to help us stay cool and fresh! From daily routines to foods, we’ve got you covered in dealing with the heat…besides running into the nearest air-conditioned building.

Slap on some sun protection

We can’t stress this enough – UV rays wait for no one! Remember to slap on some sunscreen or sunblock before you leave the house and do choose one that provides a strong defence against both UVA and UVB rays! To save on the hassle, you may want to choose a product such as meeth’s F Bright UV Base, which doubles up as a makeup base thus allowing you to reap the benefits of both skincare and makeup – all in one step! Best part is that the product doesn’t clog pores and allows them to breathe easily, very crucial in feeling fresh in this heat.

meeth’s F Bright UV Base can be purchased from Lazada or at their physical store located at Plaza Singapore (#01-58).

Let your hair be brighter than the sun

Summer is the perfect time to experiment and play around with bright hair colours – if your school or office allows it. If you don’t want to damage your hair with bleach or spend a fortune at the salon, you may want to check out products such as Qwerky Colour. Qwerty Colour’s hair dyes are unlike traditional box dyes as they do not contain any bleach and are semi-permanent. Moreover, their dyes contain nourishing ingredients such as peptides and hyaluronic acid to ensure that your hair is in tip top condition while ensuring that the potency of the colours are uncompromised.

Head to to check out their quirky hair dyes today!

Cool down with some refreshing bites

With the heat, it doesn’t make sense to grab a bowl of soup noodles for lunch. Instead, cool down with a refreshing bowl of locally-grown greens! Archisen’s organic salads come with specialty herbs with unique flavours such as Wasabi, Lemon and Himalayan Pink Salt so that you will still get a bit of a kick in the heat!

Head to to see their full range of offerings and where you can buy them.

And with the heat, do remember to hydrate yourself often and we really like Kirin’s iMuse which contains Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma (LC-Plasma) that helps maintain one’s immunity. Perfect during this flu and dengue season!

Currently, the iMUSE water is available for purchase via Shopee.

Now, we all know that we’ll reach out for ice cream during the hot weather and we believe that everything in moderation is good! Nonetheless, if you’re going to eat a calorie-rich food, why not make sure that it is not just delicious but of quality? Check out Aroma Truffle’s latest Spoleto Truffles Gelato that is super luxurious as it is topped with sliced Black Summer Truffles flown in from Spoleto, Italy.

The gelato is made with vanilla from Madagascar and swirled with a blend of chunky macadamia nuts to give it a crunch, as well as Bolivian pink salt. The gelato is a very interesting balance between sweet and savoury flavours, while helping to dissipate the heat of the day.

You can purchase Aroma Truffle’s gelato from Aroma Truffle’s retail outlets and online. Each tub (500g) is priced at S$28.

Pick up a water sport

Snorkelling Surface Full-Face Mask Stand-up Paddle for Beginners 

One sure way to cool down is to hit the beach or the swimming pool! If you’re going into the water, why not take the chance to learn a new water sport such as Snorkelling or Stand-up Paddling? Decathlon has some very affordable equipment that are also lightweight and can be easily transported from your home to the sea.

If you’re looking for some family swimming fun, make it more exciting with a game of target ball. Designed for beginner players, the water polo basket is a great way to learn the game while improving one’s aim and ball-throwing skills. Score a goal when you throw the water polo ball at the target and it tips over. The best part of it all? The compact design of these products mean that it will not take up much storage space at home.

All the above water sports products can be purchased at Decathlon physical stores or on their website.

Unwind at night with a cool splash

Dealing with all the heat in the day can make us more lethargic, making nighttime routines a chore especially the upkeep of our oral hygiene with flossing. Zenyum’s Waterflosser Pro turns that hassle into a splashing good time with their high-capacity water tank at 280ml, allowing users to floss more without having to replace the water in the container too frequently.

The Waterflosser Pro’s high pulse technology also blasts away hard-to-reach plague and food particles, promising an effortless flossing experience. With five different modes and four jet tips with 360-degree rotations to choose from, the Waterflosser Pro leaves you refreshed and clean amidst the warm night breeze.

Zenyum’s Waterflosser Pro can be purchased from their website.

Images: Archisen, Aroma Truffle, Decathlon, Envato (header), Kirin Holdings, meeth, Qerky Colours, Zenyum

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