D-Flat and the Importance of Music with Aaron Goh

A lot of people say that music is the language of the soul as it transports us to different eras, makes us feel and let out our emotions and can even encourage us to try something new or discover a new side of ourselves. It’s because of that that music has become an important part of people’s lives, the benefits that not just listening, but playing music can have on a person are innumerable. Because of that, many studios have decided to focus on teaching and helping people become better at crafting music, and today we’ll be looking at one such studio.

Having started out with only three teachers back in 2012 on the streets of Tiong Bahru, D-Flat Studios has expanded with a brand new look and a lot more resources.

It’s very deserving of that too, D-Flat was voted among the Top 10 Best Piano Classes for Kids by theasianparent.com. Its success can be attributed to its unique way of teaching and allowing students to grow by teaching them the language of music and then letting them try out different instruments, allowing them to learn by experience.

Its new remodeled studio also comes with soundproof rooms, giving students the chance to practice to the best of their abilities, as well as lounging areas where parents can sit and look at their children practice.

D-Flat was founded by Aaron Goh, a former banker who decided to pursue his dream of music and education. Aaron himself is an experienced performer, having completed his service in SAF Music & Drama company and acted as a vocal coach for Phua Chu Kang – The Musical among other plays and performances. Now he has decided to bring his years of experience to teach the next generation of musicians and performers.

We were lucky to have the chance to sit down and interview Aaron Goh thanks to D-Flat’s new expansion and talk about his motivations behind opening D-Flat and his thoughts on music and how it influences people.


To start off, could you give us a short introduction and a little known fact of yourself?

I am a musician, educator and founder of D-Flat Studios. Performing and promoting the enjoyment of music through the piano has been my passion for the last 20 years.

I was a rascal as a kid. I had a permanent seat in the principal’s office and she had my parents’ number on speed dial. However, I was always performing in school, and music gave me some grounding.

How was it to make the full jump from being a banker to being a teacher and performer? Especially when it came to opening D-Flat.

It wasn’t easy. I was in finance for 7 years and was good at it with accomplishments, but I wanted more out of life and more control of my time. So the precipitating factor was time. “If not now, then when?”. It was made easier when I had the support of my family.

What do you think is the importance of music in shaping one’s life?

Music is a quiet force in our lives. It is in the movies we watch, the songs we hear and all the media we consume. It enhances the visual experience, brings calm where there is chaos, and excitement where there is boredom.

What motivated you to open D-Flat?

I wanted to open a place of learning, to teach and inspire students to enjoy and understand music. Vernacular languages are taught in schools and we take that further by teaching music as a language that is universal and communicates where words fail.

How does it feel to have grown so much compared to when you first started?

Grateful and excited. Grateful for good customers, students and their supportive parents, and a stellar teaching staff. Excited for what is to come, because I think D-Flat Studios is nowhere near what it can be. We are constantly seeking to bring the best music education to the market.

As a teacher, piano player and performer, how do you think that music influences us and affects our growth or the way we look at the world?

Modern neuroscience has shown that the brain creates more physical linkages when children receive a music education. It has also been observed by scientists and educators that music aids in cognitive development, leading to better academia and critical thinking. Music helps us understand the aural landscape we live in.

What are you looking to accomplish going forward? What’s the next step for D-flat?

We are always striving for happy students. We believe that a motivated student will always enjoy the learning process, and we have much to teach. Our next project is to digitise our theory lessons so that we can maximise practical time when students are on our premises. We are developing a web-based learning platform that will bring convenience to our students.

Lastly, what would you say to anyone that’s looking into learning more about music or wanting to play an instrument?

It is never too late.


We are very thankful to Aaron for giving us this chance to interview him and hope that D-Flat continues to grow and receive more recognition. Hopefully we’ll see a lot of great musicians come out of there with time.

D-Flat’s studios can be found in Tiong Bahru and its new expanded studio is located at the Salvation Army @ Family Hub on Tanglin Road. You can visit their website for more information about the studio or check out their Facebook page.

Photo Credits: D-Flat Studios

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