Is Vitamin Injection Good For The Skin?

>A 2014 article in Harper’s Bazaar mentioned “VitaGlow” to be the hottest trend in skincare, where vitamins are injected directly into the skin and supposed to have a pronounced anti-aging effect. This type of injection is commonly called ‘mesotherapy’ and it has caught on in Hollywood, being endorsed by the likes of Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston.

Here‘s a video of someone having mesotherapy done in front of a TV audience by a cosmetic surgeon and she explains more about what mesotherapy is and it’s benefits.


A quick search online showed that in Singapore, the few aesthetic-clinics that provide this service are:

  • Parsons Medical (Yishun)
  • Pacific Clinic & Surgery (Orchard Paragon)

Interestingly enough, in Asia, mesotherapy and even Vitamin C procedures are marketed to women for whitening their skins whereas in Europe and America, it is more for anti-aging. Only goes to show what women in these parts of the world care about. Nonetheless, one cannot deny that the effects of vitamin injections are akin to getting a face-lift minus the downtime.

These injections do not come cheap. On average, they cost about S$300 each jab and you have to go for regular sessions in order to see the effects and maintain them. Other options are procedures like a facelift which can be much cheaper.

As with relatively invasive procedures, if you’re interested to do mesotherapy, please ensure that you look for a qualified dermatologist or professional to ensure that you are getting actual vitamins injected into your skin. Talk to them to find out what side effects may occur and what exactly the treatment entails.

We reckon that if you can’t afford these injections, applying vitamins onto your face through facial masks or facial mists or serums will produce similar effects, albeit less dramatic. Do what you feel comfortable with and can afford.

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