Stem Cells For Skincare?

Using cutting edge science, Luminesce is unique in the sense that the range uses stem cell technology to regenerate new cells in your skin. This means that you’ll not only reduce the signs of aging, you will also help to repair broken skin or help to reverse the aging of your skin.

The Luminesce serum contains the most activators and is recommended for use twice daily – once in the morning to help protect the daily harsh environmental pollution and in the evening, to repair and renew. Prolong usage has proven to help reduce scars and help your skin be at its optimum level. After all, you’re not just giving your skin nutrients, you’re actually helping them to repair and build new cells.


Many online reviews have shown that users of the Luminesce range have improved their various skin problems – from teenagers with severe acne that reduced and to older women who have managed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Miracle? Nope…just the application of science into skincare through Luminesce. To learn more and to purchase any of the Luminesce skincare range, please visit

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