Sex, Money and Spirit with Varin Gill at Sugar And Spice 2020

As the proud media partner of the virtual Sugar and Spice Festival, that’s happening this 17 to 24 November, we are bringing you this series of interviews with presenters so that you get to know them better and their workshops.

This week, we speak to Varin Gill, an energy healer and priestess who will be presenting the topic “Sex, Money and Spirit” during the festival to find out more about her work as well as what we can look forward to during her session.

Q: What does it mean to be an energy healer?

I use the laws of quantum energy to assist people to shift their own life. I also act as a channel for Sekhem energy, which is like Reiki but from a higher dimension. This energy when given to someone assists their body to heal itself. The ultimate healer is the body.

Q: Could you share a little bit about your journey on the way to becoming an energy healer?

I had a moment of clarity when I was 19. I was in a small temple in Delhi. As soon as I entered the temple, I began to “recall” everything that had happened there, I began to behave in a different way and I knew the significance of that temple, without having read much about it. I instantly knew that my life was meant to follow a different kind of path.

Despite that, I continued to pursue a career in finance and got married, but I was never deeply happy. Whilst pursuing my career, I would spend all my free time learning various modalities of energy healing and spirituality. I picked up a deck of tarot cards at 25 and I could read them without the guidebook. Finally, when I was 34, I decided to change my whole life and begin to focus on what truly gave me joy, and that was healing. I am now a yoga teacher, energy healer, sound healer, life coach, astrologer, tarot reader and intuitive movement facilitator. I am about to create my first retreat designed to empower women to truly love themselves and awaken their raw power.

Q: Could you share with our readers some projects and initiatives that you have worked on and are working on at the moment?

I just did my first retreat and I am currently working on a 300-page thesis on sexual studies and energy. I teach a weekly class on empowerment at a local wellness studio. I also host private coaching and energy recalibration sessions.

Q: It is fascinating what you do! How does a week in your life look like?

My weekdays are freer than my evenings and weekends, as that’s when people are free for workshops and private sessions. I spend my weekdays doing research and creating content.

Q: What are you hoping participants will take away from the panel discussion (Sex, Money and Spirit)?

I am hoping that they will begin to see sexual energy and self-discovery in a more empowered way, prompting them to take more steps towards a more conscious life.

Q: What do you think women often misunderstand about their sexuality?

As women age, have children etcetera, sex becomes a routine, a chore. That’s also because to most women, sex has done it’s job, it has given them children. Most are unconsciously working off Society’s conditioning to bargain their sexuality with a man to have his children. Lots of women engage in casual sex too, but most still hold back.

However, sexuality is totally separate from having babies. The true journey of sexuality, as a course of spiritual enhancement, is rarely experienced. This is part of the reason why affairs are rampant, they provide whole new energy to sex. Sex is energy.

Q: Do you have any advice for women who are struggling with their sexuality and emotional well-being?

Make time for yourself. Make a lot of time for yourself. Your personal well-being is everything to your evolution and the evolution of this planet. Communicate your issues honestly. Celebrate if you have a good sex life.


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Images: Varin Gill


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