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FREE A.M.A. Ask Me Anything! – Relationship Counselor & Clinical Sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee

07/07/2022 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm


In this FREE informal virtual Ask-Me-Anything session, you get the chance to ask Clinical Sexologist and Relationship Counselor Dr. Martha Tara Lee anything you want – particularly along the lines of love, sex, and anything in-between!

  • Love
  • Sex and…
  • Anything In-Between!

This session will be interactive, intimate, and personal.  There is an emphasis in maintaining safety and confidentiality, as well as in all present being non-judgmental, respectful of others, and thinking of others in their best light possible.

Do submit your questions if you prefer before the session as I can make sure I get to them! 🙂
All sharing and emotions are welcomed. Do note this is not a replacement for psychotherapy or intensive therapy.

Some commonly asked questions have included:

  • Is there such a thing as female ejaculation?
  • Is it normal to masturbate?
  • How often should couples have sex?
  • … What is your question?

Why Ask Martha?

  • Four degrees: Doctorate in Human Sexuality; Masters in Counseling; Masters in Public Policy & Management; Bachelor of Arts (Communication)
  • Related training: Certificates in Practical Counseling; Life Coaching, and Sex Therapy
  • Author of four books: Love, Sex and Everything In-Between; Orgasmic Yoga; From Princess to Queen; and {Un}Inhibited
  • Creator of several online programs: Ready, Get Sex, Go; Sex Possible; Sex Jumpstart; Tongue Twisters; Clean and Clear; Make Love Week; Sex & Sexuality 101
  • 12 years of experience coaching more than 1,300 individuals and couples combined face-to-face, as well as at least another 4,000 people over 450 events (lost count really!)

Testimonials from Previous Sessions (Known as Ask-Away)

The Ask Away session gives a fantastic insight on many things and was definitely an eye opener on the many aspects of what seem to be simple questions but in reality what everyone wants to ask but do not know how and to whom to ask. It deals with real issues and hints how one can grow in the sensuality world of things the way Dr. Martha deals with the questions in addition to giving an understanding on the matter of the questions.  Keep up the good work Dr. Martha and know that you are helping many a persons. I would definitely encourage one and all to attend.” – Pal, April 2011

Ask Away was the perfect opportunity for me to go ahead and ask away! The session was held in an open concept forum and it was easy to fit in with the group mix that Dr Martha had put together. I certainly gained a lot from hearing out what others had to say about my questions which broadened my views and thinking levels. The best thing about it was that the questions were displayed anonymously, which is great for the shy ones – like me.” – Ask Away participant, April 2011

“Ask Away” was an excellent complimentary platform to allow shy or even skeptical people to learn & ask what good sex & applied sensuality can do for your relationships & self-esteem. The possibility of moving on to Dr Lee’s workshops-for-a-fee is certainly higher now, with the assurance that the issues discussed are something that can be resolved or improved, with mutual understanding between lovers absolutely needed to be fostered & reinforced. – Dennis, 30 year-old “Ask Away” participant, Feb 2011

“Thank you for your session last week entitled “Ask Away”. It was enlightening and I have discovered that I was somewhat clueless on some areas of sex and sexuality. The information you shared helped me understand men and women better and what it takes to have better sex life. It will  help to educate others who may have the same misunderstandings. The session was well conducted and open. I liked the free exchange of information and I did not feel uncomfortable about discussions of “taboo” topics! Especially that women will climax better through clitorial masturbation and some women will even ejaculate! I love the oral sex techniques as well. Of course I will  remember NEVER to “poke, poke”. (chuckle). Finally, though the environment was unfortunately marred by the renovations next door, I found your teaching to be entertaining and engaging. Overall, I will definitely attend again and would recommend others.” – B. Y., Feb 2011

“Ask Away was a great opportunity to learn more about sex in a relaxed setting. Dr Martha Lee is approachable and professional in her conduct of the workshop and that helps to put participants at ease when learning about a taboo topic like sex which is not often talked about openly in Singapore. I would highly recommend others to sign up for Ask Away if they have questions about sex or would simply like to learn more about it.” – Anonymous, Feb 2011


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