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Virtual: Break The Wall of Silence – An Interactive Talk by Anju Kish

01/01/1970 @ 12:00 am - 16/03/2024 @ 5:30 pm


Break The Wall of Silence – An Interactive Talk by Anju Kish, Sex Educator, Author, Founder, UnTaboo

Parenting does not come with a user manual!

  • My child likes to run around naked in the house. Till what age is that ok?
  • My child saw my sanitary napkins and asked what it is. What shall I say?
  • My child is asking how does the baby get into the mother’s tummy?
  • Child sexual abuse cases are on the rise. How can I protect my little one?
  • Is it ok for my child to see the parents being physically affectionate?
  • My child is playing with his private parts, should I stop him?

As the kids grow… so does their curiosity.

  • How do the Parents tackle this curiousity?
  • Do you initiate the conversation even if the child is not asking?
  • When and how to start having these conversations?
  • Who should have this conversation with the child?
  • How to answer the awkward questions kids ask?
  • How to create an open relationship with kids?

All this and more….

In an exclusive talk for parents on Zoom.

The increasing exposure of Kids to adult content has raised their curiosity levels

Some openly ask what’s on their mind while most turn to the internet to satisfy their curiosity.

Age-inappropriate content on the internet is creating havoc

The solution lies in Sex Education

It gives kids age-appropriate answers & helps them form responsible & safe attitudes

The term ‘Sex Education’ could be a scary one for a parent.

We are scared because we do not understand what it means & construe it to be a talk on sex with our children, and thus run away from it. Parents also shy away from sex education as they themselves lack clarity on concepts & feel ill equipped to tackle questions.

Sex education is not just about sex. It is a wide term and even kids as young as 2 need sex education!

Well, attend UnTaboo’s highly enlightening, interactive, impactful & fun session!


To know & to understand:

  • What all does Sex Education cover
  • When & how to start having these conversations
  • Who should have this conversation with the kids
  • How much is enough
  • The impact: positive & negative of having or not having this conversation.
  • How to answer the awkward questions kids ask
  • How to create an open relationship with kids & teens
  • How to become an askable parent

But it doesn’t just end there.

  • The talk helps you get over your inhibitions
  • Enables understanding on various sex-ed related topics including gender, sexuality, & more
  • It empowers you to naturally talk to children & create a closer bond with them

This session is designed to break down walls, understand concepts, enable open conversations, make awkward subjects not so awkward, and put a parent on the path of becoming an askable parent. It is a liberating experience both for the parent and the child.

And most importantly, makes you a part of big social change to raise a more aware and responsible future generation, leading to a safer society.


Number of Participants:  Any number (Parents of children aged 2 to 21)

Happy participants speak…

“I thought I was very liberal and open minded and could talk openly to my kids, but Anju’s talk opened my eyes to a completely new perspective. It’s an extremely impactful talk and she makes it super interactive and fun!” – Aneesha Patel, Indore

 “The talk conducted by Anju Kish was able to bring clarity in the minds of teachers and parents and dispel a lot of myths. It was an eye-opener of how ignorant they were on certain issues and at the same time a great exposure on how to handle queries on such issues. Ms. Anju handled the sessions with ease and great poise. A great session and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.” – Garimaa Sethi – School Counselor, Mayo College, Ajmer

Date: Sat 16 March 2024

Time: 4 – 5:30p.m. SGT

Platform: Zoom

Investment: S$25

This session will not be recorded.


01/01/1970 @ 12:00 am
March 16 @ 5:30 pm
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