Step Aside Lozenges, Hello Film Formulation!

You’re having a sore throat and a meeting in a couple of minutes. The itch at the back of your throat is creeping up, and popping in a lozenge for quick relief sounds good – until it is your turn to speak.

We’ve all been there. And so have the scientists at TAIHO Pharmaceuticals.

Which is why they formulated an “invisible” film-thin remedy backed by clinical research that delivers instant throat relief without you noticing its presence.

The best part? It also doubles up as a mouthwash.

Here for the first time in Singapore, PITAS is an “invisible” 2-in-1 Film Throat Lozenges and the world’s first film formulation that effectively soothes throat irritations while tackling germs and bad breath in the oral cavity. After all, 90% of bad breath comes from poor oral hygiene and throat infections.

PITAS orange-flavoured lozenges

Backed by clinical research and developed using its proprietary adhesive film technology, PITAS adheres effortlessly to the roof of the mouth, dissolving slowly to deliver active ingredients directly to the mouth and throat for quick and effective relief. Its active ingredients include a non-drowsy, broad spectrum antimicrobial component called Cetylpyridinium Chloride Hydrate – a key ingredient in over-the-counter anti-inflammatory and pain relieving lozenges.

Classified as a Quasi-Medicinal product, these 0.3 mm thin film strips offers subtlety, while alleviating sore throat symptoms and providing robust defence against germs and bad breath in the oral cavity.

And it has already sold 1.5 million boxes in Japan to date.

Trying PITAS out

We tried the PITAS film lozenges so that we can experience the wonders ourselves and we were not disappointed! The strip of film lozenges are so thin that you can easily carry them in your wallet or name card holder, which is perfect if you need to pop one in before a networking session. They taste quite good and is minty enough for those who like mint but not too much for those who do not like mint.

Another advantage of it being in a film form is that it sticks to the roof of your mouth and so you can get the benefits of a fresh breath straightaway after popping it in without others knowing due to the lack of awkward swirling of a sweet in your mouth. Perfect if you need to give a speech or present in a meeting or, like mentioned earlier, introduce yourself during a networking event. Some of you may point out that there are other brands that produce film breath mints, and you’re right but what sets PITAS apart from them is that PITAS’ film lozenges last longer and effectively soothes sore throats.

I did try it for a day when I was feeling a little under the weather and was about to get a sore throat. PITAS did soothe the throat somewhat and there wasn’t any numbness that you’d feel after eating a typical lozenge. But of course, when you’re down with a cold, you’d like some of the mint from the lozenge to help clear your nasal passages but you will not get that with PITAS. Nonetheless, this is a small issue because PITAS actually helps to alleviate your sore throat so that you get well faster.

With flavours such as Peach, Orange and Lychee, PITAS is now available at all Welcia-BHG stores, or e-commerce platforms such as Shopee and Lazada.

Images: Unsplash (header) and TAIHO Pharmaceuticals

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