Building Inner Resilience with Permanence: A Reliable Renovation from the Inside Out

In today’s fast-paced corporate landscape, where high achievers, Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNWI)’s and industry leaders constantly navigate complex challenges, mental fitness emerges as a cornerstone of success. But the terms ‘mental health,’ ‘healing,’ and ‘therapy’ can evoke mixed feelings, often obstructed by misconceptions and stigmas.

At tidylodge, we view it through a different lens – mental fitness. This concept is about strengthening the mind’s ability to handle stress, make clear decisions, and maintain emotional balance. It is akin to conditioning the body for physical endurance, preparing the mind for life’s rigorous challenges, ensuring resilience, clarity, and peak performance.

Take Liane Moriarty’s “Nine Perfect Strangers” for illustration – the drama introduces us to an intense retreat where individuals, seemingly content with their lives, discover profound transformations. This narrative echoes a reality where the journey to self-discovery and healing often begins unnoticed until a pivotal moment of realisation strikes.

What people often do not realise is that seeking therapy is akin to embracing education for the mind and soul. It is about clearing the clutter that blocks our paths to success, making the journey not just bearable but enjoyable.

The Unseen Battle Within Us All

Everyone carries some form of complex trauma. Our brains, like sponges, absorb experiences from birth through our formative years, leading to patterns and behaviors that may not serve our best interests. The challenge lies in acknowledging these patterns and recognising that the facades we maintain—our masks—can hinder our true potential.

Full Immersion Advanced-EMDR: A Side-Effect-Free Psychotherapy

tidylodge offers a serene sanctuary specialising in Advanced-EMDR Intensive Therapy, tailored for entrepreneurs, executives, homemakers, celebrities, and individuals with high-achieving mindsets. We’re redefining the approach to mental wellness for these individuals through our innovative EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) Intensives. This cutting-edge therapy focuses on enhancing mental resilience and agility – essential elements for sustained professional excellence and personal well-being.

Compressed into three to seven days, tidylodge’s EMDR Intensives are designed to rewire the mind, facilitating profound transformation and resilience. Each intensive session delves deeply into the psyche, targeting the roots of undesirable behaviors and habits that even the most successful individuals find challenging to grapple with. It is about internal wellness reflecting positively in every external action, challenging the myth that material success equates to happiness.

Why Advanced-EMDR Intensives?

In a recent survey, it was revealed that significant percentages of Singaporeans across various age groups reported increased stress levels. Specific types of issues that we often witness include anxiety, ADHD, or signs of stress, burnout, being dissatisfied in life, not doing or feeling well, but wish to do more or feel better; dependencies, doom scrolling, disconnection and misdirection.

Traditional therapy, though effective, may not align with the fast-paced lives and unique pressures faced by Singapore’s UHNWIs. Advanced-EMDR targets them head-on, facilitating rapid and lasting change by addressing and healing trauma at its root, rewiring negative belief systems and processing unprocessed emotions to foster rapid and sustainable change.

One major component of EMDR is dual attention, which taps into the right and left side of your brain and body to get the change integrated on a cellular level and your brain frequencies adjusted for transformation.

This process involves working intensively with the mind and body to create neurological shifts that are almost impossible at present to attain ourselves. This includes the use of bilateral stimulation – using eye movements, tappers, buzzers, even walking, vibrations and drums, to help reprocess and diminish the emotional charge of traumatic memories, enabling individuals to rebuild their lives with newfound clarity and strength.

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Choosing Your Path

While there are variations in terms of application, our approach with EMDR Intensives blends scientific accuracy with calculated intuitive work, ensuring a profound, personalised impact, leading to all-rounded transformation – some quick and others gradual, continuing long after the intensives have taken place.

This is done through conducting meticulous pre- and post-intensive assessments, both qualitative and quantitative, providing tangible evidence of transformation. The comprehensive approach ensures therapy tailored for enduring change and mental fitness.

We often educate clients on the importance of opting for an Advanced-EMDR Intensive as the step towards prioritising mental wellness, acknowledging that healing is a deeply personal yet universally accessible journey. With therapies like Attachment-Informed EMDR and SAFE Somatic Attachment-Focused EMDR, individuals have a variety of pathways to explore, each offering a bespoke route to recovery.

Rapid Transformation

As we edge into 2024, the promise of achieving mental wellness within days is not a distant dream but a tangible reality thanks to Advanced-EMDR Intensive Therapy.

And it has been tried and tested. The effects of EMDR Intensives extend far beyond the therapy or coaching room. Our clients emerge with a newfound sense of control over their behaviors and decisions, equipping them with the ability to maintain this newfound clarity and purpose in their daily lives without the use of tools, as the change occurs from the inside out. The intensive format ensures these transformations are deeply ingrained, leading to lasting shifts.

In a world that rarely pauses, Advanced-EMDR Intensive Therapy offers a solution for those seeking profound, expedited healing. At tidylodge, Advanced-EMDR Intensive Therapy opens doors to a life of enhanced inner strength and fulfillment, proving that profound healing and personal evolution are within reach.

Looking to the future, tidylodge is committed to expanding the reach and depth of our EMDR Intensive services, creating specialized programs that cater to the diverse needs of high-performing professionals.


Contributed by Kellyjo Coney-Khan, Founder of tidylodge

Images: tidylodge and Envato

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