Empowering Aging Gracefully

As the demographic landscape rapidly changes in Singapore, with projections indicating a substantial increase in the population aged 65 and above by 2030, the Sandwich Generation’s challenges are becoming more pronounced. They find themselves balancing the needs of different generations, bearing the weight of dual responsibilities—caring for their children while also supporting and assisting their ageing parents. In light of this, SATA CommHealth remains committed to enhancing its services to cater to this unique segment of our society.

According to the Forward SG Report, Singapore has one of the fastest ageing populations in the world. As people age, they naturally encounter health challenges, including chronic illnesses and physical frailty. Recognising the pressing importance of addressing these increasing healthcare needs, SATA CommHealth has continuously adapted to meet the growing demands.

3 Ways SATA CommHealth Helps Seniors Through the Golden Years

SATA CommHealth’s suite of services encompasses a wide spectrum, catering to various healthcare needs. From their innovative Doctors-On-Wheels (DOW) initiative to comprehensive care programs and home care services to rehabilitation support, they’ve tailored their offerings to address diverse health concerns. Additionally, they have actively collaborated with grassroots organisations, religious and community-based associations, and voluntary welfare organisations (VWOs), extending their services to reach more needy individuals.

1. Doctors-On-Wheels

Doctors-On-Wheels staff helping a senior with blood pressure measurement (left) SATA Commhealth nurse talking to a patient (right)

SATA CommHealth’s Doctors-On-Wheels (DOW) service is a mobile healthcare unit tailored for physically disadvantaged and frail elderly individuals, bringing essential medical professionals directly to a senior community facility near their home. Additionally, their homecare services, facilitated by in-house nurses, focus on providing comprehensive medical support while creating a comforting environment within the homes of the elderly. The primary goal is to offer free or subsidised medical care to:

  • Vulnerable elderly individuals living in 1 or 2-room HDB rental flats.
  • Residents in studio apartments under the Senior Activity Centres and sheltered home beneficiaries.
  • DOW services are operational at 41 sites islandwide. In terms of operating schedule, it operates three days a week, providing regular healthcare services to the community.

2. Homecare Services

The Homecare service offers cost-effective at-home assistance and supplies while extending essential support and training to caregivers. Their objective is to seamlessly integrate healthcare, social assistance, and personal care for disadvantaged and vulnerable elderly individuals.

3. Rehabilitation Services

SATA CommHealth provides diverse rehabilitative services, encompassing occupational therapy and physiotherapy sessions tailored for individuals recovering from injuries like strokes, fractures or dealing with neck and back pain. These services are offered at subsidised rates, considering patients’ financial circumstances, with elderly patients receiving free physiotherapy. Future plans involve expanding services to include more home-based therapies, assessments, and community integration, ensuring seamless care continuity without patients having to switch providers as their conditions evolve.

As Singapore’s demographic landscape rapidly evolves, SATA CommHealth remains dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of the ageing population. Together with the government and the people of Singapore, SATA CommHealth is actively refreshing its services to shape our society’s present and future growth. Recognising the challenges, the Sandwich Generation faces and the pressing health demands of an ageing population, SATA CommHealth continues to adapt and enhance its services, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive approach to cater to the unique needs of this growing segment of society. Their commitment to evolving healthcare services addresses the present challenges and lays a strong foundation for a more resilient and inclusive society for years to come.

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Contributed by Mr Sherman Chan, Head of Community Programmes

Images: SATA CommHealth

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