Creativity, Rejection, Passion and Entrepreneurship – an Interview with Voice Artist Dara Blaker

Creative people tend to operate straight from passion.

They work from their hearts and figure out how to make money after they have found that they simply cannot live doing any other work besides the art that they produce.

Many entrepreneurs dance with their passions and develop businesses around them as well.

In this simple interview with the creative consultant, Dara Blaker – you will see the combination of artist and entrepreneur. A beautiful combination that results in a TON of ideas and inspiration…

Q: What’s your business story?

This is a story that winds around and around. I am a musician/composer and creative pursuits are my passion. I have been in music niche (education) for 25 years. After becoming a mother, my then preschool-aged daughter inspired me to create a product called “Mighty Miracle Mist”. From there, I got into my radio show.

From radio, voice over work got added to my repertoire. Loving voice work and all things creative, my family and I began creating an animated television series. We are in the process of launching the website and putting a team together to animate the pilot.

Q: How do you handle rejections in business?

Rejection is a huge part of putting yourself out there, and I am learning that it really just means that a particular endeavour or connection wasn’t the right one yet.

One of the biggest challenges I am overcoming is the fear of rejection.

Q: May I ask you about social cause aligned with your career?

I have several brands that I have built.

Colour Me Music is my music education company. My primary goal is to give people not only the gift of music, but the gift of becoming more efficient and effective learners through music.

Mighty Miracle Mist is a fun way for educators and parents to teach behavioural and social skills to preschool-aged children.

Dara On Radio; Arts, Entertainment and the Business of it All was a place for people in the business of creativity to share what they do with the world.

Lastly, From the Hip is my company that is producing the animated series. Our goal is to bring talented people together and create a product that makes people laugh.

Q: How do you manage work-life balance?

I feel imbalanced…

You can have it all – just not all at the same time. Sometimes, something’s gotta give. But in the end, if you stop and notice life moment by moment, it all works out.

Q: What’s your secret of success?

I feel that the biggest action I have performed that gets the most results in my business is just taking action. When I get stressed out over an aspect of my business, I find that taking even one step to improve the situation alleviates some of the stress because I feel I have more control over it.

Q: What’s your take on social media marketing?

I am finally getting a grip on my social media tools. I think the biggest mistake I have made is not spending enough time really pushing my brand on social media-sort of waiting for it to be found as opposed to making it really “findable”. However, social media has made people much more accessible. I no longer find that there are as many gate keepers as there were in the past.

People, who were “untouchable” in the past, are much more approachable through social media and tend to want to help.

Q: What’s your next move?

With summer, music education tends to slow down. So I am focusing all of my attention on From the Hip’s endeavors. I have deadlines now and I try not to let time pass without taking action to move me forward.

Each day, a little bit must be done to launch our series.

Images: Dara Blaker

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