How Mama J’s Confinement Food Aims to Nourish Mothers Physically & Mentally

If you’re a new mother-to-be in Singapore, then the concept of confinement during the first couple of months after delivery isn’t alien to you. Do you hire a confinement nanny who’ll cook for you as well as take care of the baby or should you just let her help you take care of the baby and order confinement food? Or can you rely totally on your mother and in-laws to help during this period of time? However, with so many choices as well as opinions on confinement nannies and foods, it can be overwhelming. Moreover, there have been a few horror stories shared by parents who had to fire confinement nannies who disregard the parents’ requests on certain things regarding the baby (e.g. using breastmilk first and only supplementing with formula), causing more stress and post-natal blues.

Which is why Mama J came about – to cheer mothers up by providing a 28-day rotation menu that has no repeated dishes, plus the rice comes in adorable food designs! Since 2020, their motto is to ensure that there’s no more boring and bland confinement food to help mummies turn their post-natal blues to pink. No wonder that they’re one of the top 10 confinement food providers in Singapore!

So we tried a trial meal from Mama J and managed to get a giveaway worth S$108 to one lucky reader. Read on for our review as well as how to win yourself a New Mama Gift Set!

Giving Mama J a try

Like many, I too am on a search for the best tasting and nutritious confinement meal to tide through at least the first month. Many companies offer a trial meal, and Mama J offers two types of trial meals:

Trial Meal 1 Trial Meal 2
Pig Trotter in Black Vinegar
Sesame Oil Chicken
Vegetables of the Day
Herbal Soup of the Day
Roasted Brown Rice Tea
Steamed Herbal Pork Patties
Sesame Oil Chicken
Vegetables of the Day
Herbal Soup of the Day
Roasted Brown Rice Tea


I opted for meal 1 because I love pig trotter in black vinegar and isn’t this dish a must-have during one’s confinement? As my meal was meant for dinner, the delivery came at around 5pm and all the dishes were placed inside a thermal bag in Mama J’s signature pink.

During the unboxing, even the hubby commented alongside as to how cute the rice was shaped! I can imagine that during actual confinement, this little added food design would perk most mummies up and take delight while having their meals. But of course, looks alone does not suffice as taste plus nutrition is more important.

As mentioned earlier, I love Pig Trotter in Black Vinegar so I was looking forward to that slightly sharp, sweet and gingery taste while chewing on the skin, collagen as well as meat. I must say that the meat on the trotter was very tender and the sauce was well balanced for most. However, I prefer something a little more sour and spicy (from the ginger).

My favourite dish has to be the Sesame Oil Chicken. All the chicken pieces were flavourful, well seasoned without being too salty. Loved that there were generous amounts of black fungus inside too! Perfect with the rice!

(Left to right)Pig Trotter in Black Vinegar and Signature Baked Herbal Chicken


As for the Herbal Soup of the Day, it was quite sweet (which the hubby liked) which is mostly due to the red dates and wolfberries inside. I also spotted a chicken wing, dang gui and another herb which I didn’t recognise. The soup wasn’t overpoweringly herbal, which will appeal to most.

The Vegetables of the Day that I got was some sort of lettuce and shredded carrot with wolfberries that was stir fried with shredded ginger and minced garlic. It was nothing to shout about but I need a veggie dish at every meal so I still wiped out the whole portion given.

For the Roasted Brown Rice Tea, I was expecting genmaicha and if you know your teas, genmaicha is supposed to help boost one’s immunity, detox, improve blood flow and helps with weight loss. Kinda most of the benefits that you’d like to have while nursing your little one and trying to heal as soon as possible. However, what came in the bottle looked like a sachet of actual brown rice that had been roasted. The grains looked almost white, probably imparting most of its colour into the tea which was a pale brown colour. It really tasted like brown rice in a diluted liquid form. Good thing is that it doesn’t contain any caffeine so I wasn’t worried about hitting my caffeine quota of the day.

In conclusion, the whole meal was delicious and almost tasted like it was a home cooked meal. If there was any suggestion I could give, it would be to perhaps include a small dessert option because sweets do make mummies with a sweet tooth happier at the end of the meal.

To find out more about their various packages and to book your confinement food, do visit Mama J at

We have one New Mama Gift Set to giveaway!

Mama J has kindly sponsored a New Mama Gift Set worth S$108 to one lucky reader! Each set contains lactation cookies, bath herbs, tea and a bottle of postpartum shampoo).

How to take part in the contest:

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Do ensure that you set your profile to public so that we can verify that all steps have been done. Do also note that this contest is open only to Singapore residents. Items seen in the photo are for illustration purposes only and may differ from actual.

Contest ends on 16 July 2023 (2359h Singapore Time). Winner will be randomly selected and informed by 17 July 2023 via Instagram.

Images: Mama J

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