Empower Your Little Food Explorers with Baby-Led Weaning Tools

Once your baby starts eating solids, do you find having to not just wipe up the table on the high chair but also the floor beneath, followed by changing your child’s clothes because they were able to get it all over and inside their outfits? Then for the older kids, you wish that they were more independent eaters but you can’t trust them near regular forks and knives in their tiny hands. Don’t you wish that there were more mealtime tools to wean children such that they learn to be more independent eaters?

Save the date for an exciting launch on 1 July 2023, which happens to be National Baby-Led Weaning Day, as it marks the debut of the “Baby Weaning Starter Kit” and “Junior Mealtime Essentials” on Latte Parents’ website. Latte Parents is the authorised distributor for Doddl and Tidy Tot products in Singapore and Malaysia and they’re thrilled to introduce those two highly anticipated offerings to clients.

What are in the kits?

Baby Weaning Starter Kit – S$77 (regular price: S$90.80)

Consists of a Doddl’s Baby Cutlery Set that is certified safe and is expertly designed. This game-changer for your baby’s mealtime adventures contain a spoon, fork and a convenient case. It helps your child develop coordination and cutlery skills with both hands. Designed to help parents safely introduce the use of cutlery for little ones aged six months and above. The product features short, ergonomic handles designed to facilitate a basic palmer grip while incorporating soft touch areas to aid in the development of a more advanced pincer grip. The smooth ends ensure a comfortable experience, building positive associations with both cutlery and mealtimes. Perfectly suited for baby-led weaning and self-feeding, encouraging the exploration of foods, textures and tastes.

This kit also comes with Tidy Tot’s Bib & Tray, offering complete protection for your baby during weaning. It keeps them and their surroundings clean and mess-free. The long-sleeve, coverall bib attaches to the tray, leaving no gaps for food to escape onto your little one’s lap and clothes. The food-safe tray provides a spacious area for your baby to explore and discover foods while preventing them from falling onto the floor. Compatible with all weaning methods, including baby-led weaning, it allows your baby to develop their self-feeding skills while saving parents from endless washing and cleaning.

Junior Mealtime Essentials – S$65 (regular price: S$76.60)

This kit comes with the Doddl Toddler spoon, fork and knife set that is meticulously designed to make self-feeding a breeze for children aged 12 months and above. Each element is expertly crafted with ergonomic features, promoting a comfortable grip and control. The soft-touch areas encourage finger coordination and strength in the pincer grip (a key motor skill). With the unique design of the Doddl knife, your child will conquer chopping with ease. Certified safe and endorsed by experts, doddl builds confidence and independence in young eaters.

Transitioning from a bowl to a “grown-up” plate is now easier with doddl’s children plate. It boasts a gentle curve that keeps food neatly contained, while the lower front and sides allow easy access for cutlery. The non-slip base ensures stability, and the plate’s eye-catching splat design draws focus to the centre. Moreover, it’s biodegradable and dishwasher safe, making it both practical and environmentally friendly!

A cutlery case is also included in this kit so that you can bring along the doddl spoon, fork and knife wherever you go with your child. The case is functional and easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe. The handy clip also allows you to attach it to any bag or backpack for extra convenience.

How to get these kits

Discover Latte Parents’ catalogue of baby weaning, educational play, and essential baby products on their website. For convenient shopping, explore doddl’s offerings here and Tidy Tot’s products here. Stay updated on exciting news and updates by following @latteparents and @doddl.sgmy on Instagram.

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Images: Latte Parents

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