AI-enabled App for Men’s Healthcare

So we’ve recently published quite few posts for vulva-owners and fret not guys, we have not forgotten about men’s health. In fact, someone felt so compelled about addressing sensitive health issues pertaining to penis health that the app HeHealth was founded!

Launched in April this year, HeHealth is the first AI-enabled healthcare solution for penis health, helping all penis-owners address the most sensitive health issues on their penises. HeHealth aims to facilitate an end-to-end healthcare ecosystem focused on sexual health that empowers patients to seek help and treatment discreetly in the comfort of their own homes.

HeHealth uses its patent-pending first-of-its-kind AI-powered tool to screen for visually recognisable STDs through user-submitted pictures. This method enables HeHealth to break the largest barrier of the patient journey and overcome the gap that HeHealth has recognised about patients before they enter the healthcare system to get treated. In the future, HeHealth is working to complement this journey with its telehealth solution focused on STD care as well as a community where people facing similar issues can connect so they don’t have to suffer alone.

Some current features of the app:

Instantly Snap a photo to identify your penis condition for free.
Our screening tool (powered by AI) can identify symptoms associated with conditions like STDs (Herpes, Syphilis, HPV/Viral Warts), fungal infections, balanitis and even penis cancer.

Seek support without fear & connect to others in a safe forum
The HeHealth app features a discussion forum that covers frequently asked questions about STDs. Real doctors answer the posted questions, so users don’t have to suffer or worry alone.

Talk to a Doctor Privately (Coming soon!)
HeHealth is working on discreet & private care designed especially for its users. This will allow specialized doctors to assist users privately through telehealth services and arrange the necessary care you need.

It’s popularity in this niche topic in telehealth can be seen from having over 20,000 downloads across Apple Store and Google Play as of September 2022.

At one point, HeHealth even went viral and was picked up by the international media in Russia, China, and Indonesia, with the press praising its novelty and commitment to user anonymity. But that is not all from the HeHealth team. In time to come, they are hoping to upgrade the platforms with more accessible functions, including the function to detect Monkeypox. HeHealth aims to be the world’s leading digital men’s healthcare platform within the next three to five years.

We wish them all the best and if you’re a penis-owner, you can download the app from the links below:

Apple Store:
Google Play:

Images: HeHealth and Envato

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