Discover New Twists of Flavours Made With Okinawa’s Famous Awamori Liquor

With Okinawa being home to some of the longest-living people in the world, it makes total sense for both new and seasoned drinkers to reach out for their liquor of choice – awamori, the island’s signature alcoholic beverage. Who wouldn’t want to drink but not add sugar into our diet?

One of the most unique things about awamori is its high versatility, meaning that it can be transformed into different cocktails. The wonderful news is that the Okinawa Prefectural Government has collaborated with eight restaurants across Singapore to design original awamori-based cocktail recipes.

Awamori Old Fashioned (S$30++) made with Zuisen King, Nectar Pedro Ximenez and herbs at At Twenty

Dating back to more than 600 years ago, awamori remains a culturally significant export item today. To commemorate the importance of the liquor, 1 November is declared as “Awamori Day” in Okinawa. Awamori is produced across 46 designated distilleries in Okinawa, using fermented rice malt made from Indica rice and koji mould to give its distinctive and pleasing aroma. Each brand of awamori delivers a unique flavour that deepens with storage. As a result, awamori increases in value and quality with age, contributing to its popularity as a liquor of choice.

The health benefits of awamori

Did you know that awamori offers several health benefits? It is completely free of sugar and amino acids, it has a lower calorie level than other similar alcoholic beverages, making it a popular option for those concerned with high blood sugar or who are health conscious.

(From left to right) Herbal Awamori, Coffee Awamori and Fruit Awamori (all at S$13++) using Zuisen Seiryu awamori at Okinawa Diner Nirai-Kanai


Mr Heat Ikehara, Director of the Okinawa Prefectural Government Singapore Representative Office, said, “Awamori is an alcoholic drink that can be consumed in a variety of ways. One of the great things about this traditional drink is that it can assert itself and can be enjoyed in any way you like. We have collaborated with a number of popular restaurants in Singapore to develop their own cocktails, and are very happy to have created a very varied line-up. We welcome you to see the different ‘faces’ of awamori served at these restaurants, and hope that you will be able to find your own favourite way to drink it.

Beer is a drink for the throat. Sake is a drink to be savoured with the mouth, whiskey is a drink to be enjoyed with the stomach, and awamori is a drink to be enjoyed with the heart. We would like to deliver such a drink to you.”

Various flavours of Sangria (S$15++/glass) made with Zuisen Seiryu, Taragawa and Zanpa awamori at ShinnSato Japanese Cuisine

Where to try awamori in Singapore

This unique liquor is perfect for both consumption on its own and a base for cocktails. Drawing inspiration from the flavours and cultures of both Singapore and Okinawa, the cocktails take on creative new twists in mixology, drawing inspiration from the flavours and cultures of both Singapore and Okinawa. Moreover, made with an alcohol that brings people together, these cocktails are perfect for the Chinese New Year season and Valentine’s Day!

The participating restaurants are:


Images: Okinawa Prefectural Government Singapore Representative Office

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