Waist Trainer & Shapewear Brand Waistlab Launches First Boutique

Waistlab, a local waist training and shapewear brand known for its signature Classic 9 Waist Trainer designed specifically for ladies with shorter torsos, is welcoming all ladies to join them at their first physical boutique located at 13A Bali Lane, Singapore 189849, with limited-time in-store exclusives.

With their ears to the ground, the Waistlab team understands that in making the decision to purchase something as intimate as body sculpting wear or a waist trainer, fit and feel are of utmost importance. That’s why the team launched its first physical boutique in their bid to support the women in their community as they endeavour to practise self-love and self-care.

The vibrant store is a modern and instagrammable space that features rows of arches across the ceiling, symbolising and honouring the natural curves of the female form. A hand-painted mural grabs your attention with a showcase of the beautiful silhouettes that represent women of different backgrounds, ethnicities and values who share a common goal – to appreciate their bodies and feel good about themselves. This is also exemplified by their use of both plus-sized and commercial-sized mannequins.

The cosy 609 square feet boutique located in the arts and cultural district was designed as a safe space for women to find inspiration and be the inspiration to other women on the journey to being comfortable in their own skin. A custom bench beckons guests to hang out and chat with the staff and reconnect with fellow women and also serves as a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

About Waistlab

Launched in 2017 by Alif Adam, then 22 and in his final year at polytechnic, the local waist training and shapewear brand was inspired by his mother’s commitment to practising self-love and self-care while juggling many hats as a working mother of three. Alif was motivated to launch the brand in a bid to create supportive garments for women seeking to feel good and look good.

“My mother is such a strong woman, I’ve always wondered how she managed to run a business and yet never missed a beat when it came to my family. Women go through so much, and it is my hope that they take care of the bodies that enable them to achieve all that they do, whether at work, at home and especially during pregnancy. This is something that my mom taught me, and I hope that through the work that I do, more women will find it easier to love, pamper, and cherish their bodies, because they deserve it.” Alif Adam, Founder of Waistlab.

The Waistlab Classic 9

The brand currently boasts 10 products that cater to women of every shape, size and goals, ranging from underwear and body sculpting garments, to waist trainers. But it is their star product – the Classic 9 Waist Trainer – that they attribute their success to. The thoughtfully designed waist trainer, created specifically with ladies with shorter torsos in mind, contributed to the growth of a community of like-minded women, dubbed #WomenOfWaistlab (WOW) in the last four years.

Super Sculpting Capsule Collection

The Classic 9, which retails at S$85.00, is two and a half inches shorter than the commonly found 11-inch waist trainers on the market. The shorter length allows you to sit comfortably without being too upright and avoid the all-too-common issue of digging into the pelvic region. It also allows for better mobility that enables you to wear the waist trainer during workouts with weights or most body weight exercises*, helping to tighten core muscles and support your back and posture, relieving back aches.

*Not to be worn during yoga, workouts that require bending at the waist, or prolonged exposure in the sun.

Classic 9 and 11 Trainers

Meticulously designed, nothing is left to chance with their three-layered system made out of latex, spandex, and cotton. On its innermost lining in contact with our skin, cotton is used for its soft texture and moisture wicking properties to absorb sweat and reduce skin irritation, especially in our tropical climate. In addition, the spandex panel behind the hook and eye protects the skin from the friction caused by the hook closures.

Keeping it conventional, Waistlab’s waist trainers are secured via metal hook and eye closure as it is the most secure, comfortable and bunch-free so you can wear it under clothes seamlessly. Designed not only for comfort but durability as well, Waistlab’s waist trainers last up to two years if worn everyday.

Waistlab Wear Collection

By popular demand, the Super Sculpting capsule collection offers full body suits, mid to high waisted shorts and wireless sculpting bras that support and smoothen out your tummy, waist, hips and thighs and enhance all your sexy lady humps. The wearable shapewear constructed out of Waistlab’s special fabric blend promises to hold and maintain our curves with no suffocation and no itching so you can comfortably and confidently slay in any outfits you choose. Grab one before they are sold out because they won’t be restocked!

The Not Granny’s collection is all about snatching that waist in style and comfort. This shapewear underwear not only flattens your tummy bulge, it’s also comfy enough to be worn as underwear! It also features moisture-wicking inner mesh lining so you will never lose your cool.

Opening In-store Exclusive

Earlier this year, the team launched the Classic 9 Pouch, aptly named after their best selling waist trainer. Designed in response to the #WOW ladies’ request to conveniently store their Classic 9 while on-the-go, the team designed a chic neoprene pouch that is water-resistant and features two air holes punctured at the bottom with protective steel mesh for ventilation. The multi-functional pouch also comes with a soft Waistlab measuring tape so that you can easily keep track of your progress.

In commemoration of the launch of their first boutique, Waistlab is giving customers a Classic 9 Pouch, worth S$10, with every purchase of a Classic 9 Waist Trainer till the end of October. Use it to store your Classic 9 Waist Trainer and keep it safe from moisture and dirt, or use it to store your makeup or toiletries. You do you! But that’s not all, the first 300 ladies will also receive a S$10 voucher to offset their next purchase with a minimum spend of S$100 made in store. Vouchers will be valid till 31 January 2022, terms and conditions apply.

Make a date at https://waistlab.co/products/fitting-appointment and meet the Waistlab team for a consultation to find your perfect fit, free of charge. For existing customers, Waistlab is offering a recycling rebate in store, if you’re ready to downsize your Waistlab waist trainer, you can trade in your used waist trainer (terms and conditions apply) and receive a S$10 rebate immediately on your next waist trainer purchase.


Address: 13A Bali Lane Singapore 189849

Opening Hours:
11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Thursday and Sunday,
11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. from Friday to Saturday. They are closed on Mondays.

For your safety and their staff’s, please make an appointment with Waistlab at the link above before dropping by.

Images: Waistlab

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