Review on iroha petit – First Female One-Use Pleasure Toy

Launched in 2013, iroha is TENGA’s pleasure brand for women by women and this year, they have created a one-use pleasure item named the “iroha petit”. It is aimed at those who are hesitant to try pleasure items to try these toys for sensation play. They’re composed of 98% water and comes in three different shapes – Shell, Plum and Lily.

The jelly-like iroha petits have these various shapes because the grooves and ribs on the surfaces allow for different stimulations and since it is made mostly of water, you can cool them in the refrigerator or warm them in a bath for temperature play as well.

We managed to try out the Shell and Plum iroha petit and we also have three pieces to giveaway! So read on to find out more about our contest!



The iroha petit is really easy to use. Simply open up the package, pour out the access water and just squeeze it out like you would for any edible jelly from its mould. It comes with a handle which you can then use it as a grip.

As mentioned above, you can chill the iroha petit in the fridge or warm it up in a bath for some me-time or temperature sensation play and that’s exactly what we did with the two samples we received.

What we liked

Firstly, it is so cute and girly! With the simple packaging, nobody will know that it’s a pleasure toy and you will not feel any embarrassment picking it up in store or putting it in your drawer. Although others might mistake it for a snack.

The iroha petit has a very pleasant smell, which can be described as ‘powdery’ and not overpowering. It feels like a very firm agar (jelly) and is definitely not made of silicone and while it is firm, you can still push your fingernail through so those with very long manicured nails might want to resist poking the iroha petit.

Because it is not made of silicone or latex, you need not worry about allergies and is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Another plus point is that being made with 98% water, the iroha petit is safe. You will not accidentally hurt yourself (or your partner) in the process of pleasure play.

We enjoyed the temperature play because the cold iroha petit isn’t as cold as an ice cube, neither would it melt and leave puddles of cold water on your bed. Fun to play with your partner for sure *wink*. If you have a bathtub, then the warm sensations from the iroha petit is very comfortable and allows you to really slowly explore yourself.


It’s a fun toy for those who are just starting to explore pleasure toys and are too intimidated by vibrators and dildos (I know I am). However, if you have been using other toys or prefer stronger stimulations, then perhaps this is not the toy for you although it can be a good one to have with your partner if you’re into temperature sensation play.

Giveaway contest

We have three iroha petits to giveaway and all you need to do is follow us on Instagram, ‘like’ the iroha petit giveaway post and tag two other friends who might enjoy them too! Contest ends on 31 August 2021 and is open only to Singapore residents. Good luck and enjoy!

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