Fibre That Lowers the Glycemic Index of White Rice?

Yes, you read that right. Alchemy Fibre For Rice has launched in major supermarkets (including online platforms such as Redmart and Amazon) across Singapore last week by local start-up Alchemy Foodtech and it claims to to lower the Glycemic Index (GI) of white rice.

Our love for white rice

Most Singaporeans can hardly go without white rice as it is a comforting staple at most dinner tables. Despite healthier alternatives, many are still sticking to the white rice because of the texture and flavour. However, white rice is recognised to have a high GI and a 2019 article in the Straits Times highlighted how white rice is worse than sugary drinks for those with diabetes.

As such, Alchemy Foodtech decided to address this health concern through more than 4 years of research and development, validating their food ingredient innovation before soft launching their flagship product, Alchemy Fibre For Rice, on their website last year. It was also during this time that the company started collaborating with many prominent F&B partners such as Boon Tong Kee, Yu Kee and Lim Kee.

These collaborations to offer healthier dining options at F&B establishments have been met with positive feedback from the market. With the trend of more home cooking as a result of the current pandemic, this is a clear indication to the company that providing this product for widespread home use is important, in order to increase the health impact with the product.”

– Alan Phua, CEO and Co-founder of Alchemy Foodtech

How does Alchemy Fibre For Rice work?


Alchemy Fibre For Rice is a natural soluble plant-based fibre powder that dissolves to form a protective layer around the rice endosperm. In the gut, it slows down the digestion rate of white rice, eliciting slower glucose release (i.e. a lower GI). Human studies have shown that white jasmine rice with 10% Alchemy Fibre For Rice has a medium GI, similar to the GI of brown rice.

This fibre blend offers consumers a healthier bowl of white rice without changing the taste, texture or appearance of white rice. This versatility makes the product especially relevant in Singapore where many foodies frequently prioritise foods’ tastes and textures over health benefits.

We often see how frequent consumption of high GI foods, especially in large portions, can cause repeated spikes in blood sugar levels. Numerous studies have shown an association between higher dietary GI and increased risk of Type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease. The goal is to help people adopt sustainable and healthier eating habits. Lower GI foods can help blunt post-meal sugar spikes and improve health, when coupled with other practices such as paying attention to portion sizes as part of a balanced diet,”

– Dr Sue Anne Toh, CEO and Senior Consultant Endocrinologist, NOVI Health

Consumers would also be glad to know that white rice that is cooked with Alchemy Fibre For Rice also contains up to 10 times more fibre for a healthier gut. Best part? It is not only Thai rice that you can use Alchemy Fibre on! It has been tested with other types of rice, such as the short-grain Japanese rice, to yield similar health benefits.

Cooking with Alchemy Fibre is easy as:

  1. Wash – Wash, drain and add water as per usual cooking procedure.
  2. Add in – For every cup of rice (150g), add 1 heaped tablespoon (15g) of Alchemy Fibre For Rice. Stir well to dissolve the powder.
  3. Cook – Cook the rice as per normal.
  4. Enjoy – Fluff the cooked rice and enjoy!

Find out more

Alchemy Fibre For Rice retails at S$10.60 for 250g or S$22.80 for 700g at major supermarkets and online platforms in Singapore as well as through Alchemy Foodtech’s e-shop.

Images: Alchemy Foodtech

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