Putting Mothers First with Felicia Tan at The Precious Journey 2020

As the proud media partner of The Precious Journey 2020 that’s happening this 5 to 14 November, we are bringing you this series of interviews with presenters so that you get to know them better and their workshops.

Today, we speak to Author, Entrepreneur and Proud Mommy, Felicia Tan. After 10 years and two miscarriages, Felicia finally welcomed her “rainbow baby”. While she is grateful for his arrival, she still mourns the loss of her angel babies. It was not an easy journey, but Felicia embraced every moment of it.

Armed with a personal mission to help other women who have gone through similar situations, she decided to start Art of Life to share her experiences and how she overcame her grief.

The Journey

Q: I understand that you had two miscarriages in the past and that it took a long time before you conceived your first baby boy. What were some of the emotions you felt when you went through that ordeal, and what helped you in the process of grief?

I felt hopeless and found myself wondering if I would ever become a mum. The grief journey is lonely and full of ups and downs, sometimes when you feel like you can make it, another wave might hit you again. Thankfully, I have strong support from family and friends and I think the desire to move forward, helps. So day by day, I took small steps moving ahead.

Q: Could you share with us a little bit about what your company, Art of Life Circle, does?

It started by sharing and selling my books as an author and speaker. As I progressed, I wondered what other value-added services I could provide. Therefore I stepped out to be a fulfilment coach officially to guide my clients, which was actually what I had been doing.

Supporting Other Couples

Q: What advice do you have for couples who are currently going through a similar event?”

Talk to each other more. Husbands and wives communicate differently, so they have to learn to give each other space and move forward. The journey is definitely not easy and is unchartered territory that neither one is familiar with. Therefore, it is an uphill task that takes two to work on it and to march forward bravely. Having more empathy, understanding and patience with each other will definitely help in the journey.

Q: In your opinion, what is the best manner that family and friends can show sympathy and support to the grieving couple?

For family members, if the couple already has children, they can help to offer to take care of the children once in a while for the couple to have the time to talk or grief about their loss. Often, we think that it can be swept under the carpet and after some time, it will be forgotten. But unfortunately, that is not the case. You can’t get over it but only learn to get around it. That is the reality that most people don’t understand.

For friends – lend a listening ear, buy them lunch or dinner. However, do note that they may cry out and you must be prepared to deal with it. Also, it is ok to let them cry out and important not to ask them to stop. Let the emotions flow, this is the part that most friends might not be able to handle and therefore, avoid. Showing support is also about sharing the same space at that point where they feel like they can finally let go.

The Precious Journey 2020

Q: What are you hoping participants will take away from your talk during The Precious Journey 2020?

They can find hope at the end of the day, knowing that life goes on. There is always light at the end of the tunnel but it requires you to keep walking.


If you’re interested to attend Felicia’s or other presenters’ sharings, please go to this website to register. Hurry while spaces last!

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