What You Need to Travel With Your Dog

In an abundance of today’s pet gear market, we are presented with a huge variety of different things that your dog might never need in the first place. What can make your buddies live easier while taking that long flight? Or, what accessories are going to become a necessity once you try it for the first time. Here are some things that both you and your fluffy friend need while traveling, especially with long distances…

Before you travel into the unknown, of course, it would be smart to first check the traveling policies for pets of the Airline that you chose. After the curtain health regulations that your pet needs to meet, you will surely need equipment that is going to be his home while on the road.

Pet carrier

Your pet might have that not so pleasant chance to experience his flight while being in a cargo hold. As such, you might need to get a comfortable carrier for them.


That will leave him with nothing but his travel box. As much as it seems claustrophobic to us, it is for them. Choose the right fit, and if you can always make it a bit larger than it should be. The same goes for travelling carriers.

It might not be the latest word in the fashion industry but it will be the safest and warmest place in a world for a dog that is being carried around while on the road.

Therefore don’t let him suffer in an uncomfortable carrier and if you can, try to get one or two sizes larger just to make him or her even more relaxed during that stressful flight. The good thing is that we live in a time of innovations and we look for ways to make our lives easier with every new simple innovation. For example, take the little water bottle travel dispenser.

Portable water bottles

Such a little thing that can make your life so easier with only one function and that is to unfold by itself and feed your pet with necessary water. The same goes for these portable water bottles. With only one click, you can release the stored water into the feeding compartment.


Your dog will get used to it so fast and you will be amazed by the fact of how fast he will fall in love with this method of feeding. The best part is that they come in more aesthetically pleasing designs that you can easily store in your bag.

Check with your airline what regulations there are for a flight with your fluffy best friend. Most of them would restrict anything above 20 inches in length and nothing taller than 10 inches. Also, an important thing to note is that your dog’s carrier will now become your personal carry-on.

That means that you are only allowed to bring one other carry-on in the cabin. So remember to pack the essentials such as food, toys, and treats to get your pup through a few days when you land are also somethings that are required if you don’t want to worry for your buddy’s well being. After all, travelling with him/her might give you some nervous thoughts but don’t worry, with the right equipment and, even better, love everything can be arranged.

If your puppy starts to panic don’t worry. Since it will probably be travelling anxiety that most of the dogs will experience but they will get used to the new surroundings soon and all the problems will disappear fast.


Photo credits: EAMART and Pexels



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