Melissa’s Table Top Talk Episode 30: Let the Music Heal Your Soul

How is it like to be a musician in Singapore? Especially one who isn’t nationally or internationally recognised? We speak to freelance musician Cliff Lee, aka Off the Cliff, to understand more about his choice of career, how his parents reacted to it as well as some practical tips he has for budding young musicians. After which, we had a mini jam session which we went ‘live’ in Bigo.

We had a lot of fun singing along and it is incredibly brave of Cliff to start a music career seemingly late in life and the struggles he had and still faces. Nonetheless, he has no regrets and is letting his music heal his soul.

To learn more about Cliff and his work, or to book him for gigs, please visit him on his Facebook page ( or on Instagram ( as well as on YouTube (username: cliffo07).

Remember how we jammed with Cliff after the ‘serious’ Table Top Talk? Check out the collaboration video where we did a cover of “Say Something”. All done in only 2 takes…mainly just so that Cliff had a choice on which one to upload. Enjoy!

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