Grocery Shopping Guide to Better Health

Keeping healthy and fit requires a long term commitment. Especially to lifestyle changes and that six-pec that you’re aiming for doesn’t just come out from the kitchen after a day. We eat every single day and speaking to our experts, they agree that the most difficult but yet most sustainable change one has to make in order to either lose weight or simply be healthy, is to give your grocery list an overhaul and shop smart.

Here are top 4 tips when you next go on your grocery shopping on how you can better better food choices:

1. Don’t shop when you’re hungry

When you’re hungry, everything in the supermarket will look delicious and of course, your brain tells you that “it’s ok to have a little bit of chocolate (or potato chips)” or “Look! Those chips are on sale!”. Then that bag of chips or chocolate bar is going to go into your cart and eventually into your stomach. When you’re hungry and it’s time to do the grocery shopping, go grab a bite first or drink some soy milk to stave off the hunger pangs. When you’re not hungry, you’ll then be more focused on what you really need and not be tempted.

2. Make a list

When you know what you’re getting, you will be walking through the supermarket with your targets instead of browsing through every single shelf and be tempted with everything that is on sale or just “looks delicious”. Also, when you’re making your list, you’re already planning your meals for the week ahead. Thus, you’ll be doubly sure that you’re making healthier choices. Just don’t stray from it.

3. Avoid unnecessary aisles

It is often tempting to go through each and every single aisle in the supermarket, browsing around and seeing what else is on offer. Don’t. Stick to your list and stick the aisles where your required items are. Very often, when we browse through various aisles, we get tempted to get foods we know that aren’t good for us.

4. Choose where to shop

Seems like a no-brainer but there are a couple of reasons why this is one of our tips. Firstly, you want to choose a supermarket that stocks up fresh produce with good quality selection. The logic for this is simple: you would want to eat foods that are as fresh as possible. Secondly, it is best to shop at place that you frequent because you will know where exactly to get the items on your list without wandering around. That will lessen the possibilities of you going into temptation zones.


We hope that these grocery shopping tips will help you in your long term wellness goals! Remember to eat well(ness).

Photo credits: Pixabay

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